Boob News: Breast Enhancement Surgeries are on the Rise

A new study released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that since 2000, breast implants and breast lifts have increased 39 percent and 70 percent respectively. Last year alone almost 300,000 women decided to increase their breast size. Interestingly enough, it turns out that 40% of women who get breast enhancement surgery live in the Mountain and Pacific States (I knew I loved Hollywood for a reason).

Here’s the full breakdown of plastic surgery statistics from the study, which charts procedures’ popularity in 2010 versus 2000.

Decreasing surgeries:
Liposuction: down 43 percent
Nose jobs: down 35 percent
Eyelid surgery: down 36 percent
Face-lifts: down 16 percent
Breast reduction: down 2 percent
Removal of breast implants: down 47 percent

Increasing surgeries:
Breast implants: up 39 percent
Breast lifts: up 70 percent

In short: More boobs are getting bigger, less are getting smaller, and of course there are still a bunch staying the exact same.

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