Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is a discussion that most people choose to have within the confines of a bedroom or never at all. Even while in the bedroom, you will not hear a man suggest it first. This does not mean that your woman is content with the size of your package, maybe they do not want to speak out. This section of Three-DD will help you to discover how to get a bigger penis. Our aim to to reveal whether penis enlargement works. We also have a therapist’s take on getting a bigger penis. However, you can just continue reading this if you prefer…

It is known to all men that the penis is a symbol of masculinity. It does not make you a man, but having an above average penis size will not only boost your confidence but your sexual performance as well. There is nothing that can raise a man’s blood pressure more than knowing that you are leaving your wife at home dissatisfied with your bedroom performance.

An online survey of nearly 26,000 men conducted in 2006 showed that 45% of them were deeply dissatisfied with their penis size. A shocking two-tenths of one percent wanted their penis size reduced while the others were either content or dreamed of a method for enlarging their penis. A chief contributor to this debate that weighs heavy on most men’s heads is the size that women really want.

At the end of this article, I’m going to reveal how to get a bigger penis. Before we get into what penis size women prefer, remember that what people say is different to what they want or how they act. For example, ask men in public how often they watch porn and the answer will probably be inaccurate.

Women don’t want to appear like they’re ravenous sexual perverts who love being filled, so they also downplay how big they want a penis to be.

What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?

Penis sizes have been the reason for multiple break ups as they have been for hookups. The average penis size may be far away from the ideal penis size required by women. Different women have different preferences when it comes to how well you are endowed below the waist. Not to mention different occasions have elicited a need for a different penis size for women. The average penis size is 5.5 to 6 inches with a girth of 5 inches. However, research shows that most women prefer your phallus to be 6.3 inches long and 4.8 inches thick if interested in a long-term relationship. As for a one-night stand, the size most women went for was 6.4 inches with a circumference of 5 inches.

The research was conducted on women aged 25-60 and also included questions on reasons for their choice, orgasm rates, pain during intercourse, and ease of lubrication. The reason most women want a slightly bigger penis for one-night stands is sheer pleasure. Some said a large penis may be painful but the pleasure is to be short lived hence the decision to have a big penis for a one-night stand. Bigger is better.

Remember, women are likely to look for a safe home-building provider to raise kids with. These men need to be loyal, dependable and not likely to cheat and run away. That’s men with nothing that really attracts other women – like a huge penis. Men with huge penises are more likely to be hunted by women for one-night stands. Why? Because they’re so manly.

As women prefer to sleep with masculine men who are close to the top of the gene pool, they prefer a completely different type of man to raise their children. That’s why women want bigger penises for single nights. Those men can impregnate them. The beta (small) men will raise the alpha male’s kids, believing they’re his own.

While penis enlargement may be a major debate in the brains of most men, most women actually don’t think about it. The chief reason for this is there are multiple ways to make a woman reach orgasm. But aside from your ability to do that with a small penis, you need one that is at least average for your own confidence.

However, it’s clear that a bigger penis delivers more orgasms and more powerful orgasms.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

In a worldwide survey conducted by Doctor Ed involving 1,148 men and 973 women, the United Kingdom came last with regard to the preferred average size. Most interviewees picked 4.88 inches as the length of their partner and 5.5 inches as the ideal average penis size for them. That is not even the average penis size.

In the UK, it is considered rude and crude to discuss sexual matters. There is an inherent embarrassment amongst most British people. That’s probably why their ideal size appears so low.

The highest result came in from Poland with most people opting for a 6.2-inch penis as the average penis size and 7 inches as the ideal penis size. In addition, Germany, America, Italy, and Austria also topped the charts for ideal penis sizes. The research uncovered a harsh truth that most women might not openly admit to, size actually does matter but they don’t want to say it does.

When it comes to penis size, opinions do vary, but what most people don’t grasp is the fact that women do not need it to be bulging to feel attracted to you. When asked what they think the average penis size should be, most men said 5.5 inches and chose 6.5 inches as the ideal length. This contradicts the findings from women who opted for and average penis size of 5.4 inches and an ideal size of 6.4 inches. However, we know that men want 7-9 inch penises. And we know that women like thicker penises.

As the western world becomes more sexually open, people are being more honest about the importance of penis size.

Admittedly, most men crave longer penises when they have the ideal penis required by most women. Don’t take my word for it, though, you know better based on your confidence and her reaction. Still, if it is small, it doesn’t mean that that’s the end of your relationship. There are very good and natural ways that can help you attain the average penis size or more if followed a working system exactly as intended.

While pursuing the average penis size or a longer one through penis enlargement, most men opt to go for methods found online out of fear of hurting their pride. Some of these unorthodox methods include; traction, jelqing, clamping, penis pump, surgery, and pills and supplements. The interesting conclusion is that most of these ideas don’t work.

There is no man in history who is capable of getting a huge penis in an instant through taking a pill. It simply doesn’t work that way. In addition, most of these pills that most people take actually end up doing more harm to your penis and your body at large than good. They are stuffed with strange, dangerous chemicals. Not to mention it is nearly impossible to manufacture testosterone or any other synthetic supplements to aid with penis enlargement in a factory. The grade of testosterone required to cause big changes in the penis would be too expensive to produce.

Long Penis Sizes – Now & In History

You might argue that you have seen some pretty big penises in your years. Maybe from porn. Maybe from somewhere else. Well the truth is that some penises actually are weirdly large. Some have even already made it into the Guinness Book of Records because they’re so much bigger than normal. A few men walk the planet with penises that are bigger than you could fathom.

Take Jonah Falcon, for example. He has the biggest recorded penis in the entire world. Jonah flexes at 13.5 inches when fully erect and at 9 inches when flaccid. Imagine that! His flaccid penis is as big as some large porn stars when erect. It’s no wonder the San Francisco International airport security suspected he was carrying weapons of mass destruction due to the very noticeable bulge in his pants. The length of this guy’s penis is so unbelievable that airport security still put powder on his pants to test for explosives. Jonah admits to getting hits from both men and women, all either straight or gay. He also claims that women try to sleep with him purely because they know about his penis size.

Obviously, most people’s intent is not to grow your private parts just to parade them to the world. I mean, that adulation that Jonah Falcon gets is great – girls offering themselves to him only because of his size. However, a bigger penis is really for your own good and that of your relationship. Sex gets better with a bigger penis.

Hell, Jonah wears an XL condom and the furthest they can go is halfway. A big penis is a good accessory but a humongous penis can be a pain in the butt. And a pain in other feminine regions. You have to give it up to Jonah, though, despite being an actor, he still refuses to this day to take the porn route to Hollywood. That said, he isn’t afraid to give interviews on TV and in print.

Ron Jeremy is another man famed for his long penis. Unlike Jonah, Roy’s penis has starred in a Guinness World Record of 2000+ adult movies. The hedgehog, as he is commonly referred to due to his plump and hairy physique has a penis that stands at 9.75 inches. That is BIG! He claims it’s long and thin, but in reality it’s long and girthier than average.

Other than these two, there is a 52-year-old man in Mexico named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera who is challenging Jonah’s record. Mr. Cabrera’s penis is 18.9 inches long. Doctors carried out experiments to authenticate the length of the penis but claimed that the penis is only 6 inches long with the rest of it being just excess skin. That doesn’t make it the biggest. It just makes it the heaviest. Can that skin get hard? We don’t know.

However, it doesn’t look like just skin from the x-ray photo.Just like any man with a big penis, Mr. Cabrera seeks to enter the Guinness book of records and dethrone Jonah Falcon. Whether that happens or not, it is totally up to the Guinness Book of Records to make the assessment and the introduction.

All these long penises sound like the stuff of dreams to most men out there, and most women would definitely love to at least see it to believe it. Nonetheless, they will also be the first to reject any sexual advances from such a man. I mean, women may say they like a man with a big package but not that type of a package. So rest easy, even if it makes you insecure, there are ways that can help you enlarge your penis to a reasonable but big size.

The average penis size for men may not be enough for all men. Then again, you might know the average size but how do you measure it? Since we already know it, any form of measurement can work to your aid as long as you don’t hurt yourself in the process. In addition, you can also visit a doctor for the safest evaluation.

Truth be told, the doctor will not follow you home or have you put a sticker on your face reading ‘small penis here.’ Also, we happen to be about 2 feet taller than men who lived 300 years ago so even if you are against these uncouth methods, do not sit back and blame your small penis on genes. The best way to get to the average penis size or even surpass it is by doing it professionally, and there is no better way than by using stem cells.

Stem Cells & How To Get A Bigger Penis?

Stem cells are indistinguishable biological cells that divide through mitosis to produce more stem cells while differentiating into specialised cells. I bet you have heard of stem-cell therapy, the medical procedure that uses stem cells to prevent or treat diseases and conditions. Well, it may operate on the same principle but it requires umbilical cord blood or a bone marrow transplant.

The reason stem cells are so important is because they can transform into any cell. Stem cells can become brain cells, muscle cells, and even in our case, penis tissue cells. Their unlimited potential and characteristics make them the ideal recipe to help you grown your penis. In other words, stem cells are a natural way for you to continue your penis’ growth process even after reaching adulthood.

Origin of Stem Cells

In 1981, scientists made a breakthrough concerning stem cell. After numerous trials, they finally found ways to derive embryonic stem cells from mouse embryos. However, it was until 1998 when they finally made a breakthrough as far as regenerating human cells goes. And this was when a method to extract stem cells from human embryos and grow them in a laboratory was discovered.

As some of you might remember, this caused a religious uproar but the scientists would not budge. What stem cells represent and the things they are capable of doing has become a treatment choice in medicine to great success. Cells that can readily regenerate to form any other cells were very good for people aiming to increase their penis size. However, penis enlargement with stem cells did not kick off until recently.

The Penis Enlargement Remedy by Tom Candow

This plan is really simple. But go at it alone and you just might end up being as frustrated as the next man with a small penis. It works in three different but highly correlated phases, the stem cell secret, exercising, and acceleration. The first phase, stem cell secret, requires a naturally occurring plant that helps with the stem cell growth.

Seeing that no injections are involved, Tom Candow found the secret to directing these stem cells from your body into the penis. The self-proclaimed enlargement guru confesses to gaining four inches in six weeks using this method. Boosting the level of stem cells in your body and directing them to your penis is just the first step in this transformation.

You still have to learn how to use the stem cells now in your body to replace and form new penis tissue. However, do not move to the second phase until the stem cell secret phase is complete.

Exercise is the second phase. If I had a dollar for every advertisement I saw online about how exercise will help increase your penis, I’d be a very rich man by now. Some of these exercises online are just a bunch of hearsay from bloggers hoping to make a buck. However, with the penis enlargement remedy, exercise is a phase towards achieving your desired penis size.

Once introduced into your body, stem cells require exercise to enable them to regenerate and multiply healing cells in your body. Increasing your hGh (Human Growth Hormone) levels through exercise is the best catalyst for penis growth. In a world that has shortcuts for everything, make sure you do not fall for hGh supplements as opposed to exercising.

For starters, they are illegal and secondly, we are trying a natural process here, taking no shortcuts gives the best results. A 30-45 minute workout a few days every week will exponentially boost your hGh levels. Not to mention, you stand to burn some body fat and add lean muscle.

We can all agree on one thing, a man with a large penis and a toned physique makes most men nervous when around their women. It’s natural, just like a woman with natural breasts would appeal to most men as opposed to implants, or so I think. Everybody might have a different opinion when it comes to that subject but the male version of the same is undoubted.

Speaking of implants, some men in Korea thought it would be wise to enlarge their phallus to average size or more by injecting silicon into it. The result was swelling, pain, and some have never had sex ever since that experiment. Don’t fall for such methods. Exercise not only increases the speed your penis grows with but also boosts the entire process by around 46%.

The last phase of the penis enlargement remedy is acceleration phase. Maybe you dream of at least having the average penis size, or you wish to be far from average, after the two phases discussed above, this phase is what makes the difference with regard to growth. Use the penis accelerator technique by Tom Candow on your body exercise days to hold the naturally occurring hGh levels and stem cells onto your penis. After this, just like hunting, all that is required is timing. Time your exercise and your stem cell peaks to determine the perfect time to accelerate growth.

Whatever your target may be, the best way to be certain about results is to aim to grow a certain size by a certain time. Tom added four inches in a span of six weeks, as crazy as that sounds who wouldn’t want to try it. More so, the plan is completely natural and involves no pills, painful injections on the man down there or herbal remedies.

This stem cell penis enlargement method is approved for people between the age of 20 and 75. The reason 75 years was chosen as the optimal age for this is because the oldest client to have used this method was 74 years old, and he grew three inches. So imagine how relieving this can be for the rest of your life if you do it while younger. Shoot, Tom Candow started at 56, what’s your excuse?

In addition, this remedy is more about your dedication than it is about your financial state or ability to work out. Thousands of people have been misled by online doctors and follow exercise routines that leave them famished and weak. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is good for your health but the focus here is enlarging your shaft.

Why pop pills when you can follow this remedy and get your desired penis in a matter of weeks? However, if you enjoy taking the pills or think that you can use extenders or pump your way to a bigger penis, then this remedy is not for you. As a blueprint, the penis enlargement remedy by Tom Candow requires strict adherence to the procedure for effective results in a limited amount of time.

Benefits of Stem Cell Penis Enlargement

You would think that 94% of women preferring to have a man with a penis that’s over 8 inches would be enough for you to start the penis enlargement remedy. On the contrary, some people chose to be sceptical based on the fact that the ‘penis’ subject is still a very sensitive topic. That is a whole lot of baloney, it is a fact and an inescapable aspect of human nature.

Stem cell enlargement does not only help you achieve the average penis size or more, but it also makes you a very attractive man. One of the things that attract a woman to a man is his confidence, and even muscles cannot match the amount of confidence that oozes off a man that is comfortable with his package.

In addition, it will make you better sexually. Sexual deprivation or dissatisfaction has caused the best of friends to be the worst of enemies. Nobody believes that their woman loves them if they cannot properly satisfy them in bed. I mean, what kind of conversation are you going to have with your woman after sex if she says she did not even feel it? It’s no wonder most women lately are standing up to men and challenging them to do what men can do better than they can.

A man takes pride in being able to hit walls and corners inside her that she probably never even knew existed. It is scientifically proven that an orgasm releases love hormones that will help you keep your woman close to you. By rejecting stem cell enlargement, you are putting not only your present at risk but your future too. While it may not dictate the job you get, a good penis can dictate your attitude towards life and that job as well. In addition, your future relationships will be better the older you get.

In all honesty, you cannot even make a complete speech in a room full of ladies if you are not confident about your size. It is appalling to know the number of men that visit psychologists and healthcare professionals with regard to issues in the bedroom, which eventually lead to a snappy divorce with no intention of keeping any memories.

Stem cell enlargement is a safe and sure way to prevent a man with a multi-million dollar company from walking with his head down. Even without focusing on the money, a woman will stick by you if she is sexually satisfied and sees the effort you put in to make both of your lives better.

Stem cell enlargement has not been as widely accepted in society as you would expect it to be. The biggest cause for this is phobia is the mentality that most people have towards it. Okay fine, some of the methods that have been used before for penis enlargement have left some hospitalised, some never to have sex again, and some dead.

Then again, what would you expect with unorthodox methods? The stem cell enlargement remedy is as natural as they come hence poses no risks at all. Not to mention, it will not dwindle your finances through expensive prescription pills and surgery. Try it out today to attain that penis size you have always wanted with this guide – how to make your dick bigger. Read more here or here.